Tiny Tanks puts you in the fray with your own miniature tank in a drawing board field. Players are allowed to customize and upgrade their tanks after earning points by defeating enemies. A healthy online community lets you play online multiplayer or duke it out with AI opponents. The game is highly based on strategy, and players must rely on a combination of skill and luck to win the day.


Title: Tiny Tanks
Developer: Multiplayer.gg
Genre: Shooter, Tanks
Mode: Online
Platforms: Browser

Warfare has never been quite so adorable. With only a tiny military tank to guide you through a landscape of pens, pencils and a jammin' soundtrack to blow up your enemies by, Tiny Tanks is a fun, pocket-sized game that will have you spending hours on strategy as you battle it out.

First-time players are offered a tutorial that leads them through the basic controls of the game. The tank is controlled by keyboard buttons W, A, D and Space (forward, left, right and shoot). As players progress through the levels, they can earn medals, which function as the game's achievements. Gems are also available for purchase through Paypal to upgrade your tank, or you can earn coins for free over the course of the game. Upgrades can be purchased in the Tank Shop, where options include new tank skins, turret power upgrades and special abilities.

The game gets more advanced as you go along. AI opponents are pretty dumb to start with, but once you get to higher levels, they can make bank shots off of the arena walls to pummel you even when you're not in their sights. Granted you also have this ability at the start, but it takes some getting used to and at least a basic grasp of angles and physics. Multiplayer gets a little more hectic because you don't get to choose the skill level of the people you play with. Games are labeled by mode and aiming controls (you have the option to aim with the mouse or keyboard), so it can be difficult for first-timers to get much out of multiplayer until they improve their skill.

Tiny Tanks is a really fun game to play with its simplistic graphics and Cowboy Bebop-esque soundtrack. You really get the feel of a good time while you're bobbing your head to the music and blowing up other tanks. The controls are pretty touchy and take some getting used to, but everyone finds their center eventually. We found it a bit easier to aim with the mouse once we got used to the sensitivity settings.

Something about the setting of a drawing board gives this game a unique aspect that makes it more enjoyable than if it were played out on a battlefield backdrop. The game's laid back attitude reminds us a bit of Clint Eastwood's Kelly's Heroes with soldiers maintaining a sense of humor amidst a grisly war where their lives are on the line. Whatever the game's charm may be, it'll have you coming back for more time after time.